About the Firm: Robert M. Helfend, Attorney at Law

Anyone who is facing criminal charges wants to find a trustworthy, experienced and qualified lawyer—an attorney who knows the field, knows what to expect, and can be counted on to provide aggressive legal defense. My name is Robert Helfend, and at my criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles, I promise you that I will use my experience, knowledge and resources to fight for your rights. My track record speaks for itself. I have successfully reduced charges and cleared felony charges. My history is all there.

Serious Charges Call for Serious Defense

That said, let it be clear that I will not promise you a certain outcome. A lawyer should never promise a client a particular outcome. Assuring clients of a certain result shows a lack of experience. Any seasoned attorney knows that promised outcomes are not dependable. What I can promise you is this: I will do my utmost to secure the best possible future for you, whatever your charges may be. I have been practicing in the criminal defense field since 1984, and I have seen many cases in my day. I will pool together all my resources and proficiency to provide you with excellent criminal defense. With such significant charges facing you, that is the kind of promise you want to hear.

Trustworthy Los Angeles Criminal Defense

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Action is what matters. I am prepared to take on your case with the aggression, competence, knowledge and dedication that it takes to achieve successful results. I do not promise to be able to acquit you of your charges or ensure any particular end. But you have my word that I will take on your case with the commitment that is required in order for a case to be successful. There are a host of lawyers you could choose from, but with me as your Los Angeles drug crime attorney, you can rest knowing that you are in capable and skilled hands.

You need the experienced and aggressive assistance of a seasoned attorney. Do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles drug defense attorney at my office today.

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