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Transporting a Controlled Substance

Have you been arrested for the alleged transportation of a controlled substance? It is crucial that you act immediately and involve a Los Angeles drug transportation defense attorney who can protect your rights and interests. In the face of zealous efforts by police officers and the District Attorney’s Office, you will need all the help you can get.

Drug transportation is defined as moving a controlled substance from one place to another. Most often, transportation charges are connected with drugs that are being transported in motor vehicles. However, they may apply to transportation on foot or on a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, boat or any other mode of transportation.

A defendant may face drug transportation charges even if he or she was not in personal possession of the substance. For example, the drugs may have been in the vehicle that you were driving. The prosecution need not prove that they were in your immediate possession, only that they were in the vehicle, that you were in control of the vehicle and that you knew of the drug’s presence and its nature as a controlled substance. It is also required for the prosecution to prove that there was a “useable amount” of drugs present. Minor trace amounts of cocaine, for example, would not be sufficient to result in drug transportation charges.

Drug transportation is a felony offense, punishable by 2 to 9 years in California state prison.

Drug Transportation Lawyer in Los Angeles

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