Los Angeles Marijuana Cultivation Attorney

Defense for Marijuana Cultivation Charges

All acts associated with growing, caring for and processing marijuana are prohibited by California Health & Safety Code 11358. This includes handling the seeds, cultivating the soil and drying and processing the plant once it has been harvested. Marijuana cultivation may be charged as a felony offense, punishable by up to 3 years in state prison. In some cases however, probation may be granted in lieu of part or all of the term of imprisonment.

Have you been accused of marijuana cultivation? You may have been growing pot for personal use, medical use or perhaps were wrongfully accused altogether. Working with a Los Angeles drug defense lawyer is absolutely crucial if you would like the opportunity of having a strong defense against your charges.

Marijuana Cultivation in Los Angeles

Our state’s medical marijuana laws add a certain degree of complexity to any marijuana possession or marijuana cultivation charges. What if you were growing marijuana for personal use, to help with a medical condition? What if you were growing marijuana due to your involvement in a lawful dispensary? I can look at these and any related issues to determine whether you are protected by the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Additionally, one marijuana plant produces a relatively small amount of usable pot. Many people grow several plants at a time as a result, but law enforcement officers who investigate the scene are prone to believe that the presence of several plants indicates the intent to sell or distribute. I am here to limit the scope of charges you face and will work to have your case dismissed entirely if possible.

There is no reason for your entire future to be placed at risk. Take immediate action and involve a legal professional who can protect your legal rights and interests to the fullest extent. Contact Los Angeles marijuana cultivation defense attorney Robert Michael Helfend today!