How a Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Marijuana possession is one of the least serious drug offenses that a person may commit. It is a misdemeanor offense. In most cases, a defendant will not serve any time in jail. A marijuana possession conviction may not even go on a defendant’s criminal record, depending on the circumstances.

The best way to limit the negative impact that an arrest or charges for marijuana possession will have on your life is to involve an attorney. You have the right to legal counsel in the face of any criminal charges, no matter now minor or severe. If a Los Angeles drug crime attorney is able to get involved early on, he or she can work to possibly have your charges dismissed altogether. At the very least, a competent lawyer can protect your legal rights and interests to the fullest extent in order to keep the offense off your criminal record and ensure that you do not spend any time in jail.

Marijuana Possession Charges

California Health & Safety Code 11357 makes it a crime to possess marijuana for personal use. There are two separate factors that the prosecuting attorney must prove in these cases:

  • The defendant had marijuana in his or her possession; and
  • The defendant knew that the marijuana was there.

“Possession” may mean that the marijuana was somewhere under the control of the defendant, whether in his or her pocket, car, apartment or home.

A drug defense lawyer may approach your Los Angeles marijuana possession charges from different angles, depending on the circumstances of the case. One approach may be to prove that you had no knowledge of the presence of the drug on your property. Another approach may be to question the manner in which marijuana evidence was recovered from your person or property. If law enforcement conducted an illegal search or made a mistake in the chain of command when handling the evidence, this may provide your lawyer grounds to file a motion to dismiss this evidence.

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