Drug Possession Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

If you were arrested for drug possession, you will need to act quickly and take immediate advantage both of your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel. Just because you were arrested, this does not mean that you are guilty. It does not mean that you should be convicted in court or that accepting a plea bargain will be the right option to avoid maximum penalties. As a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer, I can provide you with insight into the matter to determine how to best handle your case. Depending on the circumstances, the right choice may be to fight it out in court or even to secure a dismissal of all drug possession charges before your case goes to trial.

Criminal Charges for Drug Possession

There are different specific types of criminal charges that a defendant in Los Angeles may face for drug possession. This includes: possession with the intent to sell, felony drug possession, marijuana possession, cocaine possession and possession of a controlled substance. Whether a defendant faces misdemeanor or felony charges and various penalties will depend on the type and amount of drug involved, whether the defendant has a prior criminal record for drug possession or other drug crimes and the nature of the offense itself, such as whether the defendant allegedly intended to sell or distribute the drugs.

Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer

When you are looking for an aggressive defense against drug possession charges in the Los Angeles area, you can turn to my firm. I will give you honest, straightforward advice based upon my experience as a defense lawyer. I will not make empty promises and will instead help you get a clear understanding of what to expect so you can make the choices that are truly best for you. When you choose me as your attorney, I will fight tirelessly on your behalf to seek the best possible result.

To discuss your case, contact Los Angeles drug possession defense attorney Robert Michael Helfend today.