If you have been arrested for a drug crime of any kind, an important step to take is to learn more about these cases. In addition to contacting my firm to speak directly with me about your case, you are welcome to review the information I have included online. As a Los Angeles drug defense attorney who has been working in this field since 1984, I understand the unique issues that may arise and can offer insight that will help you make an informed choice about your case – including whether to retain legal counsel at this point.

Areas of Practice: Los Angeles Drug Crimes

By reviewing the pages we have included on this site, you can find out more about the different types of drug crime cases I handle. Simply slick on any of the links listed below and you will be able to find out more about the specific offense, the penalties you may face and potential strategies that I may be able to use on your behalf.

Cocaine Possession
Because cocaine is strong, highly addictive, and can cause serious injuries and consequences, it is a criminal offense to possess the substance. Cocaine possession charges can induce far-reaching penalties. Experienced in defending clients against cocaine possession charges, my firm is prepared to defend you against the charges you may be facing. Read more about cocaine possession.

Drug Distribution
While penalties for drug distribution vary across state borders, drug distribution is a criminal offense and could result in serious charges. The penalty of the crime rests on several factors, such as how widespread the distribution was or the charged person’s history with drug use. Learn more about drug distribution.

Drug Manufacturing
Cultivating and/or manufacturing drugs is considered both a state and a federal crime. The delivery of illegal drugs (i.e. marijuana, cocaine, LSD, etc.) is strictly prohibited and could result in lifelong aftereffects. My firm is ready to help you if you are facing these charges. Read more about drug manufacturing.

Drug Possession
State laws concerning drug possession vary, but drug possession is nonetheless both a state and a federal offense. A person’s charges could be one of the two following indictments: simple possession or possession with intent to distribute. The first refers to a person’s individual use of the drugs, whereas the second (which is more serious than simple possession) refers to a person’s dispersing of the drugs. Read more about drug possession.

Drug Trafficking
Drug trafficking is the selling or giving away of illicit drugs, and it has weightier penalties than drug distribution. This could be due to the fact that the most defining aspect of drug trafficking is the quantity of the drug. Although it is not as much of a defining feature, drug trafficking also often occurs across state borders. Read more about drug trafficking.

Drug Transportation
A person who is caught relocating drugs, whether by airplane, vehicle, or any other way, may face drug transportation charges. The transportation must be purposeful. There are many possible penalties for this crime, and the outcome is based on the quantity of the drugs involved, as well as where the crime occurred. Another factor that can affect the outcome is the ages of the people involved. Read more about drug transportation.

Felony Drug Possession
In California, drug possession can be a state and/or federal offense. In cases of federal offenses, the charge can be a felony if the quantity of the drugs involved is large or if the person is charged with intent to distribute. Felonies can incur lifelong penalties. Read more about felony drug possession.

Marijuana Cultivation
The illegal cultivation of marijuana can have high consequences. As always, the amount of marijuana involved plays a large role in determining the extent of the penalty incurred. Also, the number of people affected by the drug use is a determining factor in the severity of the penalty. A marijuana offense may be taken to the federal level, in which case the defendant may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Read more about marijuana cultivation.

Marijuana Possession
The extent of marijuana possession charges depends on a number of factors. The penalty incurred is intensified if the charged person intended to distribute the drug. In addition, if the person has committed marijuana offenses in the past, the charge could be enhanced to a felony; namely, Marijuana First Degree. Read more about marijuana possession.

Medical Marijuana
Because marijuana has been shown to be medically helpful in some circumstances, there are certain situations in which it is permissible to have marijuana for medicinal purposes. Fourteen states have legalized the growing of marijuana for medicinal reasons and with a doctor’s approval. In those states, it is still possible to incur criminal marijuana charges if the explicit medical guidelines are not adhered to. Read more about medical marijuana.

Possession with Intent to Sell
Drug possession is the most widespread drug abuse, but its penalties are intensified when the indicted person is charged with possession with intent to sell. A person may be charged with possession with intent to sell if he or she is caught possessing a particularly large amount of drugs. Read more about possession with intent to sell.

Prescription Drug Crime
A common misconception among prescription drug abusers is that it will enhance positive results. This, however, is not the case, because prescription drugs are helpful only insofar as they are used according to their directions. Prescription drug abuse by juveniles or young adults is one of the leading types of drug abuse. Read more about prescription drug crimes.

Each specific type of drug crime case has particular issues to be addressed, and determining the right approach is only possible if your attorney has a thorough understanding of these matters. It will also be necessary for your lawyer to understand related problems, such as property forfeiture or the possibility that you may face other criminal charges such as money laundering in conjunction with state or federal drug offenses. With my level of experience and my commitment to properly handling my clients’ cases by offering the personalized attention and zealous representation they deserve, I am confident in my ability to address whatever specific problems your case may involve.

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