Before choosing the Los Angeles drug crime lawyer you want to represent your case, it is not unreasonable to feel the need to learn more about the professional who will be defending you in the court of law. Therefore, I have taken the time to provide you with a small sampling of my drug case histories. If you still have questions after reading about the successful case outcomes I have been able to obtain for my clients, I encourage you to contact my firm to learn more about how I can be of service to you.


Client, while under surveillance, became suspicious, and decided not to complete an arranged drug transaction. While driving away, Sheriffs Deputies surround his vehicle and force him to stop. After detaining his client, the Deputies search the client’s vehicle and locate ONE POUND of methamphetamine. During client’s preliminary hearing, Mr. Helfend is able to elicit contradictory statements from the arresting Deputy concerning the detention of his client. In the trial court, Mr. Helfend files numerous discovery requests, including a demand for the printout of the Deputy’s radio calls and use of his Mobile Computer. A Motion to Suppress Evidence due to an Illegal Arrest is filed. At the hearing, the ILLEGALITIES of the Deputy’s search are presented and the District Attorney DISMISSED THE CASE!

Client found in possession of 25 LSD sugar cubes, along with several incriminating text messages. An expert witness in drug possession and sales of narcotics was hired by Mr. Helfend to testify in the defense. Mr. Helfend’s client was offered reduced charges of simple possession for personal use and deferred entry of judgment by prosecution on the day of trial. Client was also given dismissal.

Client was indicted for conspiring to purchase and sell 12 kilos of cocaine. Special agents arrested the client’s 3 co-defendants at the scene with 12 kilos and over $100,000. The client was supposedly heard on a wiretap arranging the transaction. Through careful analysis of the government’s evidence and skillful use of expert witnesses, Mr. Helfend successfully persuaded the U.S. Attorneys Office to dimiss the case prior to trial.

Client was caught on video and audio tape negotiating with an undercover narcotics detective for the purchase of 1 kilo of cocaine. Mr. Helfend successfully persuaded the court to sentence his client to no jail time or community service.

Deputies uncovered an operating methamphetamine laboratory at the location where client was found. Mr. Helfend successfully convinced the Court that location was subject to an illegal search and seizure, and the District Attorney was unable to proceed. The case was dismissed.

Client was on probation for a drug possession charge with a four-year state prison suspended sentence. The court held the violation of probation hearing at the same time as the jury trial. The jury was unable to reach a decision and the court found No violation. Client received no time.

*These statements concerning results obtained in other cases do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

The above is just a small sampling of the results that we have achieved throughout the years.
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