Los Angeles Drug Crime Lawyer

Any type of drug crime allegation calls for immediate response, and this response should be action to seek a Los Angeles drug crime attorney. The outcome of your case hinges on the strategies built in your defense, and the most compelling cases will likely be made by an attorney with documented experience and a successful case history. It is for these reasons that you can rely on me, Attorney Robert M. Helfend. Since 1984, I have worked in the field of criminal defense – not only representing my clients in the court of law but defending them at every level of the legal arena, including the local level, the state level, and even at the federal level. One of my biggest areas of practice happens to center around drug crimes and the allegations that relate to illegal substance charges. As such, my 25+ years of experience have been heavily involved in the defense of those accused of drug offenses in the Los Angeles community.

Credentials and Attorney History

Strong legal defense should focus on the implementation of strategies and defense methods that only a highly educated lawyer can bring to the table. As a potential client you have every right to know about the educational and professional background of the attorney representing your case. Therefore, allow me to briefly share with you my educational history and legal credentials:

University of California, Berkley – 1980
Pepperdine University School of Law – 1983

Bar Admissions
California – 1984

Upon completing graduate school, I knew that I was meant to practice criminal defense law and I immediately set to work to do just that. Within a year, I had begun what I set out to do: defend the criminally accused, and I have been doing so ever since. Now, more than two decades later, I am still devoted exclusively to criminal law and I have accompanied more than 65 cases to trial. Not to mention that many of these have concluded with winning results.

Drug crime defense is one of the most crucial areas of criminal law, and it is one that I am fully familiar with practicing. Not for nothing do I have a high winning percentage and a reputation for successful defense. I have dedicated my entire career to the defense of drug crimes, federal offenses, and all other aspects of a criminal nature. I personally handle each and every one of my firm’s clients, so you can rest assured that my experience and knowledge will be put to work for your case as soon as you make the decision to work with my firm.

For undivided attention and aggressive representation, contact Los Angeles drug crime lawyer Robert M. Helfend today.

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