A person may face drug-related charges regardless of the amount of drugs involved or the extent of the distribution. Charges associated with drugs can be handled on either the state or the national level. If a person engaging in drug-related activity is picked up by a state police, the case may never go beyond the state level. However, if a person is found to be illegally manufacturing drugs or is discovered doing drugs on federally-owned property, the case will go to the national level. Drug cases are generally handled on the state level, but since drug-related offenses can be state and/or national crimes, there is the possibility that the case will proceed to the federal level. Sometimes drug users are unsuspectingly turned in by a friend or a fellow drug user. This can happen because the consequences for the defendant are sometimes lowered if he or she reports other drug offenders.

Defense for Drug Crime Charges & Investigations

My name is Robert Michael Helfend and I am a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who has been serving clients throughout the greater L.A. area since 1984. My extensive experience in this field has given me a complete understanding of drug crime charges and investigations in order to build more effective defense strategies against them. I can handle virtually any type of criminal case related to illegal street drugs and prescription drugs. If the situation involves the possession of drugs, such as drug possession, possession with intent or felony drug possession, I am prepared to defend the rights of my clients. The help of a seasoned and qualified attorney is always necessary when dealing with charges of drug distribution or drug transportation. Charges made on drug manufacturing, or drug trafficking are of an even more serious nature, and I can provide professional legal defense. I take on cases of this kind at a state or federal level. I have experience with cases of specific drugs, including cocaine possession, marijuana possession, marijuana cultivation, and medical marijuana.

A key part of the defense counsel I provide for Los Angeles drug charges is a thorough review of every single aspect of the investigation that law enforcement conducted that led to your charges. Did they have a valid search warrant? Was probable cause established before the search? Were you lawfully arrested? Was evidence handled properly? Was there a break in the chain of custody for certain evidence? Were any mistakes made whatsoever? Even a seemingly small error on the part of a law enforcement officer may turn an entire case around based upon the inadmissibility of drug evidence.

Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Now is the time to act if you would like a fighting chance of avoiding a conviction and serious penalties for any drug crime. When you work with my firm, you will find that I am a dedicated attorney. I will work tirelessly for you and will make every effort to keep you well-informed through the entire process. I do not make empty promises to my client but rather focus all of my energy on the vigorous defense of their legal rights inside and outside of the courtroom.

At my office, the legal team works aggressively to pursue the rights and freedom of my clients. Despite the drug offense you have been cited with, I am ready to take on your case. With no case being outside of my parameters, I am able to deliver competent and effective defenses for my clients. As a seasoned Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney, I have extensive experience and background in handling cases relating to state and federal drug charges.

When you are up against federal charges, it is important to understand the severity of your case. You will require the utmost urgency and most aggressive defense tactics in order to combat your charges. In federal cases, the prosecutors come out swinging. It is important not to release any information without your lawyer’s consent, otherwise you could end up giving the prosecution a statement they could use against you in the end. For more information on criminal defense for drug offenses in Los Angeles, call my firm today!

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